Why You Probably Need a Healthy Eating Coach

Are you confused about what to eat for weight-loss and longevity?

Or, maybe you KNOW what to eat but can’t get yourself to stick to a healthy diet?

It could also be that you go through phases of motivation—when you’re motivated, you follow a diet and lose weight, but when the motivation subsides, you just don’t care.

You’re Not Alone in Wanting to Stop Compulsive Overeating

Most people suffer from at least one of the above scenarios. They live for decades struggling to control what they eat, and they die never having asked for help in learning how to permanently change their eating habits.

Before we continue, pray tell, which of these values is most important to you?

  • Wearing nice clothes
  • Living in a nice house
  • Having good health
  • Driving a nice car

(Hint: I hope you chose “health” as your number one value—otherwise, this article should be entitled, “Why Health Should Be Your Number One Value”.)

Change Eating Habits Once and for All

Ok, assuming health is your top priority, here’s another question: how does the amount of money and time you spend on health enhancement compare to the amount spent on the other values listed above?

If you’re like most people, you probably spend more money on fancy coffee drinks, rhinestone-studded pedicures, and expensive golf clubs than on gym memberships, organic produce, and personal weight loss coaching.

But if watching your grand-kids graduate from college, balancing your own checkbook well into your dotage, attending your 70th high school reunion—if these things are truly important to you, if you want to change eating habits once and for all, it might be time to put your money where your mouth is.

What can a private food coach do for me?

Then again, why should you hire an eating psychology coach if you already know what to eat—you just need to eat it, right? Get committed and stick to the plan! What’s a nutrition coach gonna tell you that you don’t already know?

A lot, it turns out.

Sticking to a Diet

The main problem might not be that you don’t know what to eat for health and weight loss—the real problem is that you don’t know how to eliminate sugar cravings, stop compulsive overeating, and change deeply entrenched, decades-long food habits. Think about it: you have been reinforcing your current eating habits several times a day for decades.

Do you know how many people actually succeed in permanently sticking to a diet? Hardly any. I’m sure you’ve known plenty of folks who’ve lost lots of weight only to regain it and then some. How many people do you know who have managed to beat sugar cravings, lose weight, and keep it off for five years? Three years? How about just one year?

Instead, if you’re like many people wanting to lose weight, you happily ride the same sporadic waves of motivation when they come along, only to flounder back into old patterns when they subside, leaving you feeling hopeless and frustrated.

That’s no fun and does nothing to further your health and weight-loss goals.

Post-Honeymoon Motivation

A good personal healthy eating coach will teach you not only what to eat for health and longevity, but more importantly, how to keep yourself motivated after the honeymoon.

The honeymoon is the early easy part of a new eating style—in which you’re highly motivated and tell yourself stuff like, “I’ll never go back to eating that stuff again!” After the honeymoon is the rest of your life, when most dieters rejoin the American public in its slow march towards heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Long-Term Commitment to Change Eating Habits

Every now and then someone asks me for a one-hour nutrition consultation—they assure me that they just need to know what to eat, and then they’ll eat it. As much as I hate saying, “no,” to money, I turn them down, explaining, “I’ve never known anyone to succeed after a one-hour chat. I wouldn’t feel good about taking your money when I know it’s not gonna help you.” And then I turn them onto some websites (like this one) so they can begin learning about how an online healthy eating coach can help them reduce sugar cravings.

And thus arises another problem—most people who finally get willing to acknowledge that they can’t do it on their own hire a weight coach and then quit after a handful of sessions.

Unfortunately, making the switch from ubiquitous, highly addictive American fare to consistently making healthy food choices takes a lot longer than a short while. In fact, it can take two years or more of weekly coaching instruction and support for enduring change to really take effect.

Remember how long you’ve been reinforcing those unhealthy eating habits? Luckily, though, due to neuroplasticity, your brain can change over time—allowing you to consistently choose healthy, low-calorie nutriment more and more frequently, until, at long last, healthy food choices become a happy habit.

If you do decide hire a personal food coach, make it a long-term commitment. My clients generally commit to at least six months of coaching, and most continue on well beyond that point as they start to realize that the tools I teach them work—but only if they use them daily—and that long-lasting change takes a long time.

Also, make sure your diet coach can teach you techniques and strategies for dealing with cravings, etc., so that this time you’ll reap the benefits of life-long health and permanent weight loss.

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