What people are saying about Caroline:

“This is the first time in my entire life that I feel I have actual tools to use in combating cravings and out-of-control eating, and believe me, I have tried everything.Caroline’s healthy food plan has changed my body from a junked-out, food-addicted physiology to a clean, clear, and energetic vehicle that is quite frankly fantastic to feel.The new behaviors I am practicing around food are helping me to get past the counter-productive thoughts and actions that have kept me chained down in food hell for most of my life, and moving me toward a more rational, nurturing and mature relationship with myself and food.Thank you for your dedication, and patience, and for your uncanny ability to always ask the hard questions at the right time.”
Julianna Olate, landscape designer

“Working with Caroline has made me much more aware of my eating habits. I’ve been eating much more healthfully and have reached my lowest weight in years! Also, I’m off my cholesterol and diabetes medication for the first time in nine years! I never could have done this without Caroline’s daily coaching.”
Judy Paynesmith, owner Lean Green Cuisine, Fayetteville, AR

“I have had a problem with food all my life! So when I was introduced to Caroline’s program I was very excited. The idea of eating a high-nutrient diet was very appealing, along with cognitive therapy, which teaches you how to deal with your compulsive eating habits. Caroline is very disciplined herself and so she is a great role model as well as a terrific teacher. I lost 20lbs in 8 weeks and am still learning how to control my eating and enjoying my new lifestyle.”
Sharon Anderson, Mobile Home Park Manager, Morro Bay, CA

“I have known Caroline for over 10 years. She worked with me and my eating issues several years ago, but it was not until my husband had a mini stroke in Sept 2008 that I finally got her wisdom in regards to eating a nutrient-rich diet. When I called her in October of 2008 and said both my husband and I had adopted a vegan diet, her enthusiasm for us as well as her assistance was present, clear and compassionate. I appreciate her as a friend and a well-informed source on healthy eating which translates to a healthy body.”
Antoinette Payne, President Pacific Coast Brokers, Inc., Los Osos, CA

“When it comes to health and nutrition, Caroline knows her stuff. She educated me on how to eat healthy and helped me understand that my basic instincts were at the core of my cravings. After 8 weeks of working with her, I lost over 20 lbs. and felt great. She helped me stay with a healthy eating lifestyle for over a year (so far).”
Damon Dickinson, Life Coach, Asheville, NC


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