Sugar Addiction

Dessert: to eat or not to eat?

Do you suffer from sugar addiction? If so, you’re not alone. I hope the following paragraph will help motivate you to eliminate sugar–including its “natural” buddies, like maple syrup, demerara, agave, honey, brown rice syrup and dehydrated cane juice–for good!

If you do eat it, within minutes, your bloodstream is flooded with sugar. Soon, the structural proteins in all your tissues – the elastic fibers of your skin, the hemoglobin in your blood, the filter membranes in your kidneys, the inner lining of your blood vessels, the lenses of your eyes – all get “sticky” with sugar (the chemists say they become “glycosylated.”) In the 98.6 F metabolic “oven” of our body, the sugars and proteins melt together and oxidize, like the browning of bread crust (called the “Maillard reaction.”) These oxidized, damaged, and congealed proteins, officially called “Advanced Glycation End Products” do not function normally – the gummed-up, oxidized protein fibers break, skin cracks in the sunlight, eyes become less permeable to light, muscle proteins do not contract as vigorously, brain function dwindles – sound familiar? The aging process perhaps? EATING SUGAR AGES US!

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If you need help with sugar addiction, sweet cravings, or consider yourself a chocoholic, please contact me. I’ve been there, and I can help.


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